News from NYC Theatre District…Broadway Musicals live on!

I think Sutton Foster is great, and I would probably buy a ticket to see her read the phone book. But aside from that, she was fantastic in this show! I’ve seen the show before, in a couple of incarnations since it first played on Broadway in 1934 (I think). It’s a great showcase of Cole Porter songs, and it has lots of funny moments mixed in with dance numbers and romantic moments. But this show was a fast and furious romp with exemplary work by the whole cast. Sutton Foster was a perfect Reno Sweeney, doing wonderful comic bits with the incomparable Joel Grey as Moon FaceMartin, Public Enemy No 13. The full length version of the tap number the cast did on the Tony Award show defies any descriptive words I have, but it was great, energetic, lengthy (a good thing) and precisely executed with 22 dancers on stage. Wow! So the sum of this cast is far greater than the sum of its parts, and true Broadway musical theater lives on…

Here are a couple of pics from outside the theater:

Here’s a view from our seats, which were fine seats three rows back in the mezzanine.

And here is a publicity clip from YouTube that will give you an idea of the show…


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