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Happy Birthday, Jackie!

In honor of your celebrated birthday, today I will only post on the subject of cats.  If you would prefer another topic, let me know and I will adjust next year accordingly.  Maybe Talk Like A Pirate Day or something..Here’s one you probably haven’t seen.  You might not need to watch the whole thing to get the idea!


Here’s a quick video of the N-W in it’s fully restored splendor. Ed did a bang-up job as only he can. It’s now safely loaded on the truck, to hopefully get home in one piece.

I really appreciate Eds unmatched craftsmanship and his appreciation for restoring to like new without embellishing or losing the character of the original piece. He has a real instinct for doing that perfectly.


Here’s my friend Rusty King, who was kind enough to travel into the city from NJ to show us around NY with a real insiders knowledge. It’s always fun to see Rusty, too bad for me it’s pretty infrequent!