1900 Park Fare

1900 Park Fare is an old favorite buffet-style restaurant at the Grand Floridian hotel at WDW.  As far as I know, they only do character dining, and they do it well, along with truly fantastic food served buffet-style.  We went with our extended Florida family, and had a blast.  Here is Prince Charming, or at least a charming Prince with Kaitlyn and Kacie.  You can see that he’s honored by their presence, as it should be.  A very fine time!

Here is the same fine fellow in good form with Callie, who seems equally pleased to see him.

Callie and her mom Nancy are giving or getting tips on princess posing from Cinderella, if I’m not mistaken.

Here are Bob and Paula and Donna, not royalty as far as I know, but fine company for dinner, and enjoying the combination of royalty and fine food.  By the way, the food really is awfully good!So in addition to the royal frivolity, Callie had this college graduation thing that was quite a big deal, and Disney made a very nice cake for the occasion, far to big for us to eat.  Here it is before we tried:

IMG_0384So somehow Cinderella and Anastasia Tremaine (check me on this, she was created for film by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston) confronted Callie with the fact that since she was a college graduate and princess in her own rite, that she should be able to eat cake however she wished.
IMG_0386So on further goading they told her she should just bite the cake



Which she did, whereupon Anastasia (who is not supposed to be a very nice person) seemed to be in a celebratory mood.

IMG_0389Anyway, it was great fun, and we still have half of the cake, which was also quite good, chocolate with buttercream filling.  And I’m as proud of Callie for graduating as Anastasia is proud of her for biting her cake.  Maybe moreso.

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