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A must see place but a little off the main road, in Columbus IN. <a href=””>Http://</a>


It started in 1900 and looks and works pretty much the way it did then, though a lot has happened in between.


Here’s Callie next to their Welte Cottage Orchestrion


Here’s our waitress, she was great. The food is good, and all the ice cream is made in the store.

Callie had a good time, I think…
Did I mention the ice cream is great and made fresh in the store?



Here’s a quick video of the N-W in it’s fully restored splendor. Ed did a bang-up job as only he can. It’s now safely loaded on the truck, to hopefully get home in one piece.

I really appreciate Eds unmatched craftsmanship and his appreciation for restoring to like new without embellishing or losing the character of the original piece. He has a real instinct for doing that perfectly.