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A must see place but a little off the main road, in Columbus IN. <a href=””>Http://</a>


It started in 1900 and looks and works pretty much the way it did then, though a lot has happened in between.


Here’s Callie next to their Welte Cottage Orchestrion


Here’s our waitress, she was great. The food is good, and all the ice cream is made in the store.

Callie had a good time, I think…
Did I mention the ice cream is great and made fresh in the store?


Put-In Bay

After Kelley Island, we hopped over to Put-In Bay. More quaint homes, shops , and restaurants like this one where you could tell it was good because of the golf cart fleet parked in front.


This place was called The Goat, and they had excellent steaks!


After a quick dinner at The Goat, we rushed to the harbor to catch the next jet ferry back to Sandusky.

Radio History

This is fairly self-explanatory sign noting that our jet ferry dock was the site of a famous moment in radio history. Of course, DeForrest also brought the end of the coin piano with vacuum tube amplification leading to radios and jukeboxes….


More From Kelley Island

Most of us tourists got around by golf cart, and Callie did most of the driving!


Here’s the ferry- twin 1200 hp engines driving water jets moving 1400 gallons of water per SECOND, EACH! It really blows your hair back.


The island is full of nice homes, gift shops, restaurants and bars. There are nice beaches as well as big parks and a few small resort hotels and bed/ breakfasts.

I found out that the year-round islanders are a hardy lot. In the winter, where 25′ piles of ice aren’t unheard of at the lakes edge, the ferries can’t get through, so nobody can come or go during the harsh winter months, and no groceries or supplies come or go either. Whew!

Exploring Lake Erie

We took a jet boat from Sandusky to Kelley Island, which is a fascinating 2500 acre community with 350 residents, a school, and a few of us charming tourists.


Kelley Island is the home of one of the largest and most accessible glacial groove. It defies photos, it’s very cool.


There are a lot of things to see and do on Kelley Island!

A Ferrous (Ferris) Wheel!

One of several great chemistry jokes. Seriously, Callie and I rode this one at Cedar Point, it’s right on the beach and has a great view of the park and Lake Erie!


Here’s the park view, it’s spectacular!


And we played a couple of games…