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Update on the subject of DIsney disrepair

I received a link to a YouTube video which was directly on topic, demonstrating that the “Big Bertha” 1900 Park Fare organ is not dead yet. Watch for the Mad Hatter’s editorial at the end! Thanks to Youtuber NICKELINTHESLOT!Here is a great Seeburg KT that has been at home in the Main Street train station for as many years as I can remember (1994 for WDW). Same problem as the 1900 Park Fare Limonaire, except hopefully the KT has a minor problem…


And of course,
20120521-231644.jpgAnd notice how professional and permanent that Out Of Order sign looks. I hope that doesn’t mean anything…

An update or correction on my previous post is provided by Youtuber NICKELINTHESLOT (check out his other Youtube posts) a dedicated Disney fan and mechanical music fan who provided the following video showing the organ in 1900 Park Fare actually working recently although obviously it’s not in the best condition that it could be–at least it’s still operable and protected from the elements!!