New York Priorities

Well, we braved massive crowds including herds of Santas to get here

So where do you go for your first night at the crossroad of America? Junior’s at Times Square, of course! Famous purveyor of (real) New York cheesecake, egg creams, and the best burgers in the US, (sorry KC),it’s a must eat highlight.

Since the 1950’s, Junior’s has been famous for great food, great fun, great service, and, of course, the best cheesecake. Their original location in Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue is still thriving. Or you can visit Junior’s in some of their more recent additions—in New York’s famous Grand Central Terminal or in the heart of the theater district on Broadway in Times Square (our favorite). With a full menu ranging from steaks to seafood and sandwiches to salads and cheesecake, you’ll have a fabulous dining experience at any of Junior’s locations!

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