Sights of the Food and Wine Festival

So if you were out and walking around the Food and Wine Festival, here are a few of the things you’d see.  Or things we saw, anyway!  I didn’t take pictures of even a large percentage of the menus or pavilions, just a random selection.  Who wants Haggis!!!


I ordered the Kalua Pork Slider.  I could eat a bucket of those, no problem.

I also had some pineapple tropical fruit wine that was pretty interesting.  The pineapple flavor was fairly subtle, and it was a sweet wine that was distinctly fruity.  Good to sip, no bucket for me, but I’m glad I tried it.  The best from Hawaii!  Or pretty good, anyway.

This was a potato pancake from Scotland with smoked salmon on it.  Really tasty, good salmon.

So we stopped by the Dominican Republic, which was located where Puerto Rico was last year.  I wonder what happened to Puerto Rico?  Oh well..


This was Lechon Asada, roasted pork with Mangu, pickled red onions and avocado.  Oh and I also had a Frozen Sugar Cane Cocktail featuring Ron Barcelo Blanco rum.  Pretty tasty. 
Here’s an unfortunately blurry picture of the New Zealand menu.  I think it was the rum from the DR.IMG_0320Here’s an interesting selection from Ireland, which, I’m sad to report, I didn’t even sample.

IMG_0318Great Greek food, from the look of it.  Lots of people enjoying it but not me 🙁

IMG_0316So like I said, mostly random, but just a few sights of the festival.  Good eatin’!

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