Ducks At Epcot

It’s fun to watch the ducks at Walt Disney World–no, not the Mighty Ducks but the wildlife that are so accustomed to most people. Here are a few ducklings and their mom in a pond at Epcot, in the Japan portion of the World Showcase. As cute as these are, some people don’t understand that the ducks are actually wild residents of a rather populated area, not Disney Cast Members. I saw a guest pick up a duckling and pass it around between her kids. It turned into a problem or the duckling because his family ran for cover, leaving him, and once the guests kids were done playing with the duckling, he took off at a frantic pace in the opposite direction his family had gone, quacking frantically. I figured that the ducks had a fair chance of being reunited, but who knows? Interestingly, a Disney Cast Member showed up and moved the duckling back to his family. There’s some attention to detail!

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