Ghirardelli Chocolate

We stopped off at an exhibit that seems to be an annual favorite, especially with Callie and I, the  Ghirardelli Chocolate exhibit.  They have a lot of chocolate, including drinking chocolate, chocolate bars, you name it–if you shouldn’t eat it, they have it!  Callie and I have made chocolate from beans, and she is busy trying to steal trade secrets from Ghirardelli – they’ve been in business over 160 years, they don’t need all that old information anymore!

Here’s Callie stealing corporate secrets:


They also had a number of chocolate sculptures featuring, believe it or not, Disney movies.  I’m told that everything in these is edible, but they wouldn’t let us eat it.  Seems like a rip-off!  See if you can guess the movie:

Now, think back a bit – Pixar, great movie, Ed Asner….

Here’s some no-name superheroes..

If you had trouble with the superheroes, here are a couple of closeup shots:



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