WDW Day 0.5

We had a great plan to use today as a travel day and maybe do one or two things at WDW just for fun – just a touch of Disney. Great plan, except for the part that wasn’t, which was pretty inconsequential….  So after an interminable amount of time in terminals….IMG_0263We finally arrived at Walt Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge.  This is a fantastic luxury hotel modeled after the National Park Service lodges of the great Northwest, and it’s a beautiful place.  I will post more pictures of it, but for now suffice it to say that we found our room and are glad to have found it!  Here’s Callie lounging on the queen-size bed..

IMG_0262And take a look at the carvings–just one of many cool details on this bed-

IMG_0267Am I easily impressed?  Maybe, but..

IMG_0264And here’s the bunk bed, guess who gets the top bunk?  No, really guess!

IMG_0266Here’s a shot of Nancy and Callie outside near the pool.  Already having fun!  I had some technical problems getting photos to post in WordPress, argh.  I’ll catch up on posting hopefully.  But let me say this about the Wilderness Lodge.  It’s a beautiful hotel, with a fabulous and impressive lobby.  Of all of Disney’s ‘monorail properties’ (meaning that you’re a monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, which can be worth it’s weight in time and frustration, the Wilderness Lodge offers a unique bargain because although it’s not on the monorail, it’s only a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom, which DOES connect to both the Resort Monorail and the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center which makes it a real gem from a transportation point of view, but it’s typically just a little less expensive than the properties that are truly on the monorail.  And we kind of lucked into the free meal plan promotion, so I’m eating my weight in ‘included’ food!  Here’s one more little detail that is a nice touch for the forest theme – there’s one of these over each bunk bed.

IMG_0268The lobby is most impressive, and has lots of space for lounging, like in front of the seven? story fireplace.




Here’s another shot of the lobby.  Not great photography, but a great subject!IMG_0329



IMG_0273Also there’s a great swimming pool that’s fed from some kind of Disney geological marvel that bubbles up a great quantity of water in the lobby of the hotel, which forms a river that runs into the pool.  Sounds crazy, but it’s pretty cool, here’s a fairly bad shot out there.


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