A further update on the subject of Disney disrepair

I felt it would only be fair to update my post about disrepair at the Disney Walt Disney World resort. After we returned from our trip I received a phone call from a very friendly member of the Walt Disney World guest relations department who expressed concern about the issues that we experienced While on vacation
They informed me that they were working on some of the issues and particularly the issues pertaining to transportation. I had assumed and surmised that The reductions in transportation coverage were a result of cost-cutting measures. They assured me this is not the case and that they were hard-pressed to perform the maintenance required on transportation equipment, in particular the monorail. Citing safety as a prime concern, which is a concern that we can all agree with, They said that they would catch up soon and be able to expand the hours of operation back to something like they used to be, so Apparently some of the things that We observed on our trip will not be long-term issues.
And by the way don’t lose track of the fact that it’s very impressive the Walt Disney World company takes the time to make a personal phone call to an individual who had a problem and that they not only called, but provided lots of good factual information and follow up and were very very kind and helpful in their attempt to help me understand the issues that led to my experience at the Walt Disney World resort. That intense focus on guest satisfaction is something that sets the Walt Disney World resort apart from most vacation destinations.

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